Plant secondary metabolites, derived from 2-phenylchromen-4-one structure, flavonoids are pigment (or co-pigment) for plants, protecting them from UV-radiation, free-radical scavengers, attracting pollinator animals. They have potential salutary effects on human health. In vitro, they are enzymatic inhibitors and have anti-cancer, anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial activities. They are more than 5000 substances known, usually classified according to the structure of their aglycone pattern, our flavonoid reference material collection contains more than 200 of them.

Our flavonoid standard library presents material of the following sub-famillies: aurone et auronol, flavanone, flavanonol, flavone, flavonol, isoflavane, isoflavone, benzoflavone and biflavone.