Humulus lupulus

Humulus lupulus, “Hops” or “Common hops” in English and “Houblon” in French, is a herb of the Cannabaceae botanical family. It is a climber that can reach a height of 10 m.

Native to most temperate zones of the Northern Hemisphere, Humulus lupulus is cultivated commercially for flavoring and bittering beer, using female inflorescences exclusively.

As a drug, it is a sedative for insomnia and stress, also used as a bitter and stomachic to stimulate the appetite and to increase gastric secretion. In folk medicine, infusions are made to treat sores and skin injuries, and internally for inflammation of the bladder.

The most important components in the resin are the bitter substances humulone and lupulone. The essential oil (1 to 3%) contains mostly mono- and sesquiterpenes (aromadendrene, humulene). Tannins and flavonoids (xanthohumol) are also present.

  • English name Hops
  • French name Houblon
Humulus lupulus