Scientific Paper

  • J. Chrom. A 2017 - Two-dimensional multi-heart cutting centrifugal partition chromatography-liquid chromatography for the preparative isolation of antioxidants from Edelweiss,

  • Planta Medica 2016 - Semisynthetic and Natural Garcinoic Acid Isoforms as New mPGES-1 inhibitors,

  • ACS Omega 2019 - Biochemical Characterization of the α L Rhamnosidase DtRha from Dictyoglomus thermophilum,

  • J. Chrom. A 2018- Purification of two valepotriates from Centranthus ruber by CPC,

  • Biochimie 2021 - Crystal structure of Dictyoglomus thermophilum β-d-xylosidase DtXyl unravels the structural determinants for efficient notoginsenoside R1 hydrolysis.

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