Canarium album

Canarium album, called “Chinese white olive” in English, is a tree belonging to the Burseraceae botanical family. It can reach over 25 m high and is native to East Asia, particularly several Chinese provinces.

Growing in forests, on slopes and in valleys, it is also cultivated. Canarium album fruit is edible, raw or cooked, and has been used widely in Asian countries as a medicine.

Research shows that it could be a natural candidate for studies of dietary complement to diabetes treatment since it combines antioxidant and antiglycation activities. It could also be a new option for the development of anti-influenza drug.

Its main components are phenolic compounds (among which isocorilagin and luteolins), triterpenoids (amyrin, elemolic acid), gallic acid and ferulic acid.

  • English name Chinese olive
  • French name Canarion blanc
  • Chinese name Qingguo
Canarium album