Anthocyanins are naturally occurring soluble pigments of plants. They have red, purple or blue colors and are present in vacuoles of leaves, stems, flowers and fruit cells. In flowers, they are visual signals for pollinators and in fruits for animals dispersing the seeds. They are powerful antioxidants and have potential health effects against cancer and neurological diseases. They can be very concentrated in red and dark berries like blueberry, blackcurrent, acai, maqui and others, which are very much appreciated as food supplements. Our anthocyanin reference materials are highly technical products, main of them can be used as quantitative analytical standards for precise titration of concerned polyphenolic extracts.

Main naturally occuring anthocyanins are CYANIDIN, DELPHINIDIN, MALVIDIN, PEONIDIN, PELARGONIN and PETUNIDIN, of which we offer a unique librairy of anthocyanin standards with various glucosylation schemes.