Plantago major

Plantago major, “Common plantain” or “Broadleaf plantain” in English and “Grand plantain” in French, belongs to the Plantaginaceae botanical family. Native to most of Europe to northern and central Asia, it is a herb with a rosette of oval leaves 15-20 cm in diameter with a spike usually 15 cm tall carrying the flowers. A common garden weed, it grows in lawns, fields and along roadsides.

Leaves have been used as a wound healing remedy for centuries, stanching blood flow and encouraging the repair of damaging tissue. It is also used for a number of diseases related to the skin, respiratory organs, digestive organs, reproduction, the circulation, against cancer for pain relief and against infections.

Among its main constituents are polysaccharides, lipids, caffeic acid derivatives, flavonoids, iridoid glycosides (ajugol, aucubin,catalpol) and terpenoids. Also, alkaloids and some organic acids.

  • English name Great plantain
  • French name Plantain majeur
Plantago major