Our products are primary packed in 2 to 5 ml glass vials and secondary in a plastic bottle with a desiccant. This secondary packaging allow storage in dry and dark conditions as requested. Compared to the given sample weight, the vials are slightly overfilled, according to be following rule:

Reported WeightActual Range (mg)
Solids1 mg1,2-1,4
5 mg5,3-5,6
10 mg10,3-10,8
20 mg20,3-20,8
25 mg25,5-25,8
50 mg50,5-50,8
100 mg100,5-101,5
Oils50 mg55-60
100 mg105-115

For quantitative testing, the end-user must transfer and accurately weigh the amount of desired substance into his standard preparation.

Example of labels of primary and secondary packaging are given below :