Trifolium pratense

Trifolium pratense, “Red clover” in English and “Trèfle rouge” in French, belongs to the Fabaceae botanical family. Native from Europe to West Asia, it is a herb growing to 0.6 m in meadows, pastures and other grassy places.

It is one of the most important forage plants and used a green manure crop.

Its leaves and young flowering heads are edible and can be used as flour.

Its flowers and leaves have a long history of medicinal usage in many folk medicines, to treat skin conditions (especially eczema and psoriasis), menopausal complaints, breast cancer, osteoporosis, cardiac risk factors, ovaries and lymphatic system, chronic degenerative diseases, gout and coughs.

Among its specific constituents are genistein, biochanin A and formononetin, isoflavones, their glycosides, their glycosides malonates and their acetyl glycosides.

  • English name Red Clover
  • French name Trèfle rouge
Trifolium pratense