Penthorum chinense

Penthorum chinense, “Oriental penthorum” in English belongs to the Penthoraceae botanical family.

This herb, 65 cm tall on average, is native to East Asia where it grows in forests, scrub meadows, wet places along rivers in lowlands and by water.

Its aerial parts are used in traditional Chinese medicine against liver diseases including hepatitis B and C as well as alcoholic liver damage.

Researches have shown its antioxidant and antihepatocarcinoma activities.

Its main active compounds cited in scientific literature are β-sitosterol, quercetin, pinocembrin-7-O-[3-O-galloyl-4″,6″-hexahydroxydiphenoyl]-β-glucose (PGHG), and thonningianins A. It is a good source of pinocembrin derivatives.

  • Chinese name Gan huang cao
Penthorum chinense