Petroselinum crispum

Petroselinum crispum, “Parsley” in English and “Persil” in French, belongs to the Apiaceae botanical family.

This herb, presumably native in the Mediterranean region, is cultivated in Eurasia, North and South America, South Africa, India, Japan and Australia.

The aerial parts of the plant are widely used in European, Middle Eastern and American cuisine.

Medicinal drugs are made with the seeds, used as a powerful diuretic, as well as the radix with a similar but milder action.

Seeds contain an essential oil (2 to 6%) with as main components, apiol, myristicin and occasionally, allyltetramethoxybenzene. Petroselinic acid is one of its characteristic fatty acid. Roots contain up to 0.5% essential oil with apiol and myristicin as main components, and flavonoids (luteolin, apigenin) in addition.

  • English name Parsley
  • French name Persil
Petroselinum crispum