Cynara scolymus

Cynara scolymus, “Artichoke” in English and “Artichaut” in French, belongs to the Asteraceae botanical family.

Not known in the wild, it probably arose from a form of Cynara cardunculus.

Native to the Mediterranean basin, this herb growing to 1.5 m is cultivated mainly for its edible immature flower buds. Today’s main producers are concentrated in the Americas and countries bordering the Mediterranean.

As a drug, it is recommended for the treatment of gallstones, liver disease or damage and poor liver function. Research showed the artichoke’s high potential as natural source of minerals and phytochemicals compounds with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. These are linked to their special chemical composition, which includes high levels of polyphenols such as cynarin, along with its biosynthetic precursor chlorogenic acid, and sesquiterpenes like cyranopicrin.

  • English name Artichoke
  • French name Artichaut
Cynara scolymus