Arctium lappa

Arctium lappa, “Burdock” in English and “Bardane” in French, belongs to the Asteraceae botanical family. It is native to Europe, northern Asia and North America.

It is a tall plant that can reach 3 m, cultivated in Bulgaria, former Yugoslavia, Hungary and Poland.

Burdock is used traditionally as a diuretic and a laxative, for renal or urinary calculi. It is said to “purify the blood”. It is mainly used today in cosmetics for dermatological issues involving germs.

The part used is the root. It contains polyynes hydrocarbons, sulfur containg acetylene compounds (arctinone and derivates), and bitter substances, cynarin, arctiin, dehydrocostuslactone and costic acid, as well as ursolic acid.

  • English name Greater burdock
  • French name Grande bardane
Arctium lappa