Filipendula ulmaria

Filipendula ulmaria, “Meadowsweet” in English and “Reine-des-prés” in French, belongs to the Rosaceae botanical family.

It is a herb that can reach 1.50 m high, thriving in damp meadows, along riverbanks, in fens and wet woods. Native to Europe, it also occurs in North America.

As a medicine, its flower is chiefly used as a diaphoretic for colds and chills, but particularly in folk medicine also as a diuretic, for treating rheumatisms and arthritis.

Its main constituents are flavonoids (particularly in the fresh flowers), particularly spiraeoside and other quercetin and kaempferol derivatives.

  • English name Meadow sweet
  • French name Reine des prés
Filipendula ulmaria