Pilosella officinarum

Pilosella officinarum, “Mouse-ear hawkweed” in English and “Piloselle” in French, belongs to the Asteraceae botanical family.

Native from Europe to West Asia, it is a small herb growing to 0.2 m on dry, sunny land and meadows.

Mentioned as a medicine by the French Catholic saint Hildegarde de Bingen in the XIIth century, it was used to strengthen vision and heal wounds, as a “heart tonic”, and to treat respiratory problems – asthma, whooping cough and bronchitis - and influenza.

Scientific research has confirmed its diuretic activity. It is also used for weight loss, against cystitis and diarrhea.

Its main components are umbelliferone, triterpenoids, mainly taraxasterol, but also the 4,4-dimethyl phytosterols α- and β-amyrin, etc.

  • English name Mouse-ear hawkweed
  • French name Piloselle
Pilosella officinarum