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Terpenes are very large class of most abundant natural hydrocarbons and commonly occur in higher plants as constituents of essential oils and other secondary metabolites. The fundamental building block of terpenes is the isoprene unit (2-methyl-1,3-butadiene) linked in a head-to-tail fashion and is represented by general structural formula (C5H8)n where "n" is the number of linked isoprene units. Terpenoid phytochemical substances are classified into several classes depending on the number of isoprene units in the structure, so they are classified in our terpene reference materials catalog:

Linear tetraterpenes (8 units - C40) includes the carotenoids.

Triterpenes, typically in C30, yield to phytosterols and steroids, in C18 to C27, by further biotransformations (oxydative ring opening and cleavage).


We offer a large list of terpene analytical standards of any type of these terpenoids.