by Institut des Substances Végétales,
the ultimate tool to control your herbal material :

Identity, Quality, Efficacy, Stability, Adulteration ... in one analysis !

qRE are quantified reference extracts of authenticated plants, with main secondary metabolites quantified by HPLC-DAD-CAD on a w/w basis, to be used as reference material for authentication and titration of botanicals or plant based products.

qRE are hydro-alcoholic extracts of plants grown in ISV's own botanical gardens, ensuring full identity and traceability.

Each significant molecule of the extract (3 to 20 substances per extract) is identified and quantified, using: HPLC-DAD-CAD with ISV's proprietary quantification algorithm, HPLC-ESI-HR MS/MS and qNMR.

qRE are delivered in powder form, as 100mg samples in an amber borosilicate vial, with a Certificate of Analysis identifying and quantifying the molecular composition of the reference extract, a Technical Documentation specifying the HPLC and HPTLC methods used, and a Safety Data Sheet.
Note: Technical Documentation is downloadable from each product page as "Specification" file.
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