When phytochemistry
meets botany !


Berlin, July 2017

Botanicert and Extrasynthese have decided to partner to better address the ever greater demand of expertise in the field of herbal products.

Botanicert, founded in 2011 by Dr. Francis Hadji-Minaglou, is an highly reputated expert in botanical identification, while Extrasynthese is a leading worldwide player in phytochemical reference materials, for the last 30 years. Out of the outstanding Botanicert herbarium, Extrasynthese and Botanicert have designed a catalog of BOTANICAL REFERENCE MATERIALS, distributed by Extrasynthese and launched on the market at the occasion of the HPTLC congress in Berlin last summer. As of today 130+ botanical standards are available.

Partnership between the two companies is also extended to development of new phytochemical standards and analytical protocols, and joined services in botanical expertise to industrial, academic or regulatory bodies.

Please contact us for more information and come to visit Botanicert website !

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